Did Ted Turner really want to rename the Braves the Atlanta Eagles?

Bill Shanks

How desperate was Ted Turner for publicity? How desperate was he to get his name in the paper?

Well, think about it. Turner was a big name in Atlanta in the 1970s, but he wanted to make his mark nationally. He likely knew what he wanted to create in CNN, and he probably already dreamed of building the cable empire he eventually built.

Turner was labeled the "mouth of the south." He talked a lot. He talked fast. He was a master showman.

And, he loved his Braves.

Bob Hope was a young public relations executive who ran the Braves promotions department. He had to deal with Turner, who could often be out of control and unreasonable. 

One day Turner came into the office and told Hope to get his name in the paper by the next morning. So, Hope had an idea.

He will pick up the story in the video.

Turner was a great owner for the Braves. He wanted the Braves to be successful. He was held accountable, and even though he was doing other things, the Braves always had a special place in his heart.

Braves fans can only wish they'll get an individual owner like that one day again. Now, they're owned by a corporation who could care less about the success of the team. It's just part of their holdings.

But Ted Turner loved the Braves. And he loved publicity.

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