Mike Foltynewicz clears waivers

Bill Shanks

No other team in baseball wanted Mike Foltynewicz, so he will stay with the Braves and join the workout "other 30" team in Gwinnett.

The Braves designated Foltynewicz for assignment Monday right after his dismal performance against Tampa Bay. If not claimed or traded, the Braves had the ability to keep him - yet off the 40-man roster - and let him try and work things out at the Gwinnett park with minor league coaches.

Last season when the Braves sent Foltynewicz down after a rocky start, he figured things out with his slider and came back better than ever.

In Foltynewicz's first 11 starts with Atlanta in 2019, he was 2-5 with a 6.37 ERA and then got sent down to Triple-A Gwinnett. When he came back in early-August, Foltynewicz finished the season strong. He went 6-1 with a 2.65 ERA in his final 10 starts.

The Braves will likely try to add weight to Foltynewicz frame. There is little doubt his weight loss contributed to the decrease in his velocity. 

If Foltynewicz could come back, might it be as a reliever? For years, many have wondered if Foltynewicz would be better suited for a relief role.

He needs to make a good impression. There seems to be a great chance the Braves will non-tender him this winter, especially if he doesn't seem to have a future role with the club due to his inconsistency.

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With a 16 team playoff somebody is going to make it with a losing record, we only need 3 starters in the playoffs, so if just 1 more pitcher can figure it out we could be the 8th seed and still have a chance. After all the great regular seasons followed by little success in the playoffs would'nt it be great to go on a playoff run with a lower seed for a change?


I have been saying since last year Folty could make a good closer, but with all the good relief pitchers the braves have acquired since last years trade deadline I should leave that as just maybe a good reliever. He still looked good the first couple innings against the Marlins and the Mets, but he definitely needs to get at least some of his velocity back. I hope he is really done as a starter though. He was lucky the Braves acquired him his rookie season during the first year of a team rebuild, and ended up getting far more of a chance to develop than other pitching prospects like Newcome, Kyle Wright, Tuki Toussaint. I dont agree that the Braves dont have time to develop them during a 60 game season because there will be 16 teams in the playoffs