Joe Torre and Bob Horner belong in the Braves HOF

Bill Shanks

Hello Atlanta Braves front office. Read this please. Pay attention.

You need to put Joe Torre and Bob Horner in your Hall of Fame.

It's long overdue. These two people, two players have a huge part of Braves history and they should be recognized.

First, Torre was the Braves main catcher for eight seasons, from 1961 through 1968. He followed the team from Milwaukee to Atlanta and for the first three seasons was a main part of the Atlanta team.

In his nine seasons with the Braves, including a two-game stint in 1960, Torre hit .294 with 142 home runs, 552 runs batted in and 1087 hits.

Then, in 1982, Torre took over as manager of the Braves and led the team to the National League West division title. In three seasons, Torre won 257 games and lost 229. 

Horner was one of Torre's main players in those three seasons. He was the first overall pick in the 1978 amateur draft and was in the Atlanta lineup within the next week.

Horner was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1978. He spent nine seasons in Atlanta and hit .278 with 215 home runs, 652 runs batted in and 994 hits.

While Horner left for Japan after a contract dispute in 1987, and his time with the Braves ended on a rocky note, he was still a vital member of this organization for nine seasons.

Braves baseball didn't start in 1991 when the team started winning. There are plenty of people who made Braves baseball what it is today, and that includes Joe Torre and Bob Horner.

Put both in your team Hall of Fame.


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