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The Dodgers have one of the longest and richest histories of getting players and turning them into big-league names. They've also shown an uncanny knack for being able to pluck guys from the international market and turn them into superstars. So when they announced their recent list of over 30 international free agent signings, fans were naturally excited. 

The Dodgers have signed Kosuke Matsuda, a 23-year-old right-handed starting pitcher out of a Japanese independent league. The mechanics of Kosuke Matsuda have already been compared to those of Dodger ace Walker Buehler, which is huge for Los Angeles. 

Even more interesting, Matsuda is coming off of Tommy John surgery this past July. Buehler also underwent the major surgery on his throwing arm before being signed by the Dodgers out of the draft. And while the comparisons do not mean that Matsuda is destined for the same level of success, it's at least exciting to see. 

Since Matsuda just had the surgery this past Summer, he likely won't see any action in the minor leagues this year. But he's young enough that the Dodgers can afford to wait on him and hopefully develop him into a solid arm. They've shown that they can do it in the past, and there is no reason to doubt they could again. 

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