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Padres Announce Another Set of Roster Moves

San Diego is working toward their Opening Day rosters.

The San Diego Padres announced a series of roster moves on Saturday afternoon, shrinking their major-league camp roster down even more. With the season starting in 11 days, the Padres are working their way to finalizing everything before their Korea series.

The team optioned right-handers Logan Gillaspie and Alek Jacob to minor-league camp. They also re-assigned right-handers Ryan Bergery, Tommy Nance and left-hander Jayvien Sandridge to minor-league camp. The team has 43 players remaining in major league camp.

Jacob spent most of last year in Double-A but did appear in a few games for San Diego. He threw three scoreless innings while striking out five batters. 

Fans have been high on his ceiling for a while now. Jacob is a prime candidate to be called up again later this season if he can keep up his production. 

Gillaspie hasn't had the greatest of springs yet, posting an ERA of 4.50 over four innings of work. Nance has thrown 3.1 innings this spring, posting an ERA of 2.70.

Bergert hasn't allowed a run in three innings of work, but the Padres feel like he needs a little more development. Sandridge has also not allowed a run this spring, throwing two innings so far.

The Padres will use these next few weeks to cut everything down even more, but they seem to be close to settling on their Opening Day roster. San Diego has plenty of arms to work with after the front office has made it a priority in recent years.