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Padres News: MLB Insider Questions What’s Going on Inside San Diego Clubhouse

It is obvious the Padres have clubhouse problems.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal thinks the San Diego Padres have clubhouse problems.

A few losing teams have good chemistry, but the majority have clubhouse problems.

What the Padres have been saying about themselves in recent months is projecting to everyone that they aren’t a cohesive group pulling for each other. At least not yet. 

Are they playing for the individual name on the back of their jerseys instead of playing for the Padres? That much we may never know, but something has seemed off with this group of players since spring training. Particularly since the World Baseball Classic when several Padres, new and returning, were met with a surprising early exit from the tournament.

Earlier this week, the team held a closed door, players only meeting. It was announced across social media that they had that players only team meeting.


It was another of several team and players only meetings that ultimately calls into question the cohesion in the clubhouse. As Rosenthal noted on Foul Territory's "FT Live," there are some things going on in the clubhouse.

Rosenthal dives in more here.

Now, players liking each other isn’t a requirement to have a winning team, but it helps.

When Juan Soto accused his teammates of quitting on a series, he isn’t building morale or companionship. He is pointing fingers at his teammates for poor play.

When Seth Lugo accused the Dodgers of stealing signs on Monday, he showed immaturity and more excuses for another loss.

At no time during the series against the Dodgers, the Padres were standing on the top step of their dugout yelling encouragement or celebrating a run. The joy and exuberance from the players seems like a distant memory.

In 2020, the Padres always pulled for each other and celebrated runs. The difference in the 2022 NLDS against the Dodgers was the Padres’ excitement and energy from pitch number one. 

If the Padres cannot fix their clubhouse problems, it's difficult to see the club being a factor in the National League Western Division.