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Padres News: Robert Suarez Will Serve Out Full Suspension for Illegal Substance

This isn't what the Padres needed to happen right now.

Recently, it was found that San Diego Padres reliever pitcher Robert Suarez was using an illegal substance during a game. Upon finding it, Suarez was immediately removed from the game by the umpires.

Baseball has been cracking down on the use of sticky stuff across the sport, calling for removal if the umpires suspect anything. It has seen pitchers lose their cool with the staff over the last few years, but it does help keep the integrity of the game alive.

Suarez was suspended relatively quickly but decided to appeal the suspension. However, he has now decided to drop the appeal and will begin serving his full 10-game suspension.

It’s a little strange that he waited this long, only to now drop the appeal. He could have already been over halfway through with the suspension, but now will be forced to miss more upcoming games for his team.

Maybe he felt like the ruling wasn’t fair, and that he wanted a chance to defend himself. But either way, he waited a little too long to make his decision.

On the year, Suarez has appeared in 16 games and holds an ERA of 5.51. He missed most of the season due to injury but came back to try and help the team down the stretch. Suarez also has a WHIP of 0.92 for the year in a limited time.

This is poor timing for anything like this to happen, as the Padres are in the middle of a playoff push. They don’t have much time left to try and turn things around this season, and now they will be without one of their more relied-upon bullpen guys moving forward.