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There are 30 MLB teams, each of them having their own ballpark. Each ballpark is unique in its own way and holds a special place in its fans' hearts. However, according to USA Today, none are better than your San Diego Padres' own Petco Park. 

USA Today named Petco Park as the best MLB ballpark for the second season in a row. This is the fourth time USA Today named Petco Park the best ballpark in the league in the span of seven years.  The Padres' division rival Colorado Rockies ballpark, Coors Field, came in second. 

USA Today writer Andrew Joseph had some praise for the 19-year-old park. 

“It’s really difficult to imagine any stadium topping Petco Park — it’s simply the best,”

Petco Park opened its doors In 2004 and has since been regarded as the best sight lines in all of baseball. The stadium's location is perfect, and the ballpark amenities are terrific. The food, the drinks, the site, and the stadium itself is something worth witnessing. 

Their doors will be opening once again for their 19th season on Thursday against the Colorado Rockies. The only thing missing from their gorgeous stadium is a championship banner.