Report: In Addition to Lynn, Rangers Discussing Offers for Joey Gallo Ahead of Trade Deadline

Chris Halicke

ARLINGTON, Texas — Major League Baseball's trade deadline is in roughly 24 hours and there is a lot of noise surrounding the Texas Rangers.

ESPN's Jeff Passan reported on Sunday that in addition to Lance Lynn, the Rangers are discussing Joey Gallo with potential suitors ahead of Monday's trade deadline. According to Passan, one general manager said, "the Rangers hold the keys to the deadline."

Lynn would give any contending team a legitimate workhorse to put atop nearly any rotation in baseball. Pitching is highly coveted around the postseason and Lynn provides an experienced arm that can pitch deep into ballgames. Multiple reports have teams like the Padres, Dodgers, Mets, Twins, and White Sox discussing potential trades with the Rangers.

Gallo is another attractive option for contenders, providing tons of power at the plate along with very good defense and a cannon for an arm suited for either corner outfield spot. Lynn and Gallo both are key pieces that could bring the Rangers a significant haul in what is developing into quite the seller's market.

The Rangers are at a crossroads with Joey Gallo. We've all witnessed his potential and see what he can do, even when he's not performing at a high level. The Rangers are in no way forced to pull the trigger on a trade that sends Gallo to another franchise.

However, he has two years remaining of club control. With Scott Boras as his agent, getting a contract extension done could be an arduous endeavor. Quite honestly, it would be irresponsible for the Rangers to not listen to what teams are willing to offer for Gallo. 

The Rangers are heading in a direction geared toward the youth of the organization. At 26 years old, Gallo could still be a part of the core that will develop at the Major League level over the next couple of seasons. 

If the Rangers are confident they can sign Gallo to an extension, he could stay put in Arlington and be a part of that core. Or a contender could blow them away with a trade package and the Rangers would have no choice but to pull the trigger. 

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Gallo will not be traded because the Rangers view him as a corner piece yet his numbers over the past 3 yrs and overall are not much better than Odors and the Rangers have shown that they have been willing to move in from Odor. Teams will view this and us this to their advantage and not offer what the Rangers want.