Rangers' Andrus Enjoying Time With Family, Meditation During Shutdown

Chris Halicke

Baseball fans are clamoring for the return of the game they all love. The coronavirus pandemic has robbed fans of watching baseball as the calendar turns from March to April. Now we're all hoping for a best-case scenario where the season can begin in June.

As hard as it is for fans, it's hard for the players as well. They train their bodies all winter in preparation for a six-month, 162-game regular marathon of a season. Then, they start it up all over again. Going into a full shut down is definitely getting players out of their element and out of their routines.

For Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus, not having baseball is hard on him. However, the Elvis we always see with a smile is making the most of his situation right now.  

"It's been very tough," Elvis Andrus said via conference call on Monday. "I try not to watch any game on TV. I'm trying to not put my heart into that. I'm trying to use this time to actually enjoy my family, be with my kids, and find something to continue to learn about myself. I started meditating too, which is kind of new for me. I'm finding a way to keep my mind busy and try to stay in shape."

First and foremost, Andrus and his family are doing everything they can to stay safe during this time of isolation and shelter-in-place.

"We're isolating ourselves in a quarantine," Andrus said. "I'm not even going to the grocery store. I'm trying to buy everything on the internet so they can bring it here, then we'll spray everything with Lysol."

Meditating is something new for Andrus, but it's something he's enjoying. It doesn't sound like this will only be specific to the coronavirus quarantine, but something Andrus will carry on past it. 

"I do it like 3-4 time a week. I'm just learning right now," Andrus said. "I thought it was going to be easy, but it's super hard to meditate...I'm trying to learn a little but more everyday. Hopefully whenever we're ready to go back, I can be a master at meditating."

Of course, meditating isn't the only thing Andrus is doing. The coronavirus pandemic has cities issuing ordinances of shelter-in-place throughout the metroplex. As he waits for baseball activity to resume, he's continuing to work as many baseball-related activities as he can at his home.

"I've been doing everything here at home," Andrus said. "In all my workouts, I've been able to do at the gym at my house. Outside in the backyard, I'm doing all my agility and sprints to maintain my legs and my body. I've been able to have nice workout sessions here. I feel good, I feel like I'm still in shape. I'm just waiting to see when we can go back to work."

Andrus also said he is taking 30-40 swings per day hitting off a tee. 

This time of waiting isn't easy. We're all being forced to change our lives, but for the betterment of everyone around us. Soon enough, we'll get to experience the games we wish we weren't missing right now. 

"Whenever we're ready to play, when we're ready to open the new ballpark, the fans will be there and the energy will be crazy," Andrus said. "Hopefully something close to what it was in the World Series."

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