Rangers' Joey Gallo is Still Hitting Bombs During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Chris Halicke

Joey Gallo was on pace for an MVP-caliber season in 2019. Looking to rebound from a hamate bone injury, Gallo is on a mission for the 2020 season. So, if you thought the coronavirus was going to slow down Joey Gallo, think again.

Gallo took to social media to share what he's doing while the baseball world awaits the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Owning arguably the most raw power in all of baseball, the sound of the ball coming off the bat surely will get Gallo some noise complaints from his neighbors.

Gallo is keeping fans entertained amid this hiatus. Watching Gallo mash balls off a tee in his living room is entertaining in its own right. The Rangers also shared a video of Gallo mic'd up during a spring training game shortly after the delay of the baseball season was delayed.

Joey Gallo is quickly becoming the face of the Rangers franchise. He has superstar potential and "will win a Gold Glove" in right field, according to his manager Chris Woodward. While the coronavirus pandemic has shut shown the baseball world, Joey Gallo's living room is full of action these days. 

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