Rangers' Ronald Guzmán Cleared for Summer Camp Workouts

Chris Halicke

ARLINGTON, Texas — Texas Rangers first baseman Ronald Guzmán has been officially cleared to fully participate in Summer Camp workouts at Globe Life Field.

Guzmán had been waiting for full clearance after undergoing MLB's intake testing process, which has recently been under a fair amount of scrutiny. He and teammate Joey Gallo—who ended up testing positive for COVID-19—were under restrictions to not participate in team workouts while the club awaited final word on test results. However, Guzmán was allowed to be at the ballpark while Gallo was not.

"It's kind of specific to the player and their circumstances," Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels said on Sunday of the intake testing protocols. "There are times when the process goes smoothly and it's step one, step two, step three. And there are times, because of other things that it's taking quite a bit longer. But until the player has fully cleared all the process, a lot of which is out of our control, the testing facility and other things involved, it just, the front end is taking longer than I think it will throughout the year. That's my hope anyway."

It is still unclear what delayed Guzmán's clearance. The club cannot give any details of the situation without the player's permission, which Guzmán has elected to not divulge any information at this point.

All of the 57 players on the Rangers Summer Camp roster have been cleared to participate in workouts with the exception of their two positive COVID-19 cases: Brett Martin and Joey Gallo. Martin has mild symptoms while Gallo is asymptomatic and is 11 days removed from his initial positive test.

Guzmán is in the lineup for Wednesday's intrasquad game at Globe Life Field. 

This is a developing story. We will update as we gather more information.

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