Rangers to Unveil New Uniforms Next Week

Chris Halicke

A new ballpark, why not new uniforms?

The Texas Rangers plan to unveil new uniforms on December 4th, according to Levi Weaver of The Athletic.

Speculation around the media is that the changes won't be too drastic. It may or may not only be a new alternate jersey. 

The Rangers have had relatively the same jersey since the 2009 season, with a minor change to the font on the uniforms in 2014 taking out the black in the outline of the numbers and letters. 

Unlike all of the other teams in Major League Baseball except the Miami Marlins, the Rangers do not display their nickname and/or team logo on the front of their home uniform. All four of the Rangers' uniforms display "TEXAS" on the front. 

A number of fans would like to see the team bring back "RANGERS" displayed on the front of their home uniform. Come next Wednesday, we'll find out what all changes the team has made as they start a new era in Rangers' baseball.

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I'm so excited for this. I pray they don't let us down. At the very least Rangers script across the home set. But would love to see even more. Powder Blue returning on a consistent basis would be awesome.

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Chris Halicke
Chris Halicke


The reveal should be happening at 1:00 pm CT today.