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Rangers Helping Cowboys QB Dak With Injury

For Dak? What matters is the course of repair to the strain, which is where the "baseball injury'' issue comes into play.

OXNARD -Dak Prescott has become a friend and fan of the Texas Rangers, and DFW teams are all in this together, so it makes perfect sense that if Dak’s shoulder soreness is a kind of “baseball injury,” the Rangers would be recruited to help. 

In the ongoing search for a fresh angle on an exhausting story - the sore shoulder of Dak - FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer may have struck gold.

Or, half-gold.

Glazer is reporting that Prescott suffered “more of a baseball injury” originating “under the armpit.” The "armpit'' issue is really an innocuous one; the Dallas Cowboys QB is dealing with a strain in his latissimus, the big muscle in the back that extends up to the shoulder, and it really doesn't matter exactly where the strain exists (above the armpit, below the armpit, whatever).

What matters is the course of repair to the strain, which is where the "baseball injury'' issue comes into play.

Glazer is first to report that in the Cowboys' deep search for answers, they included consultation with MLB's Rangers.

"The injury is actually a different injury than most football players get,'' Glazer reported prior to Thursday’s Hall of Fame Game between Dallas and Pittsburgh, a 16-3 Cowboys' preseason-opening loss in Canton that Prescott watched on TV while staying back in Oxnard at the team's training camp. "The Dallas Cowboys training staff have reached out to the Texas Rangers training staff just for a little bit more help from them.''

What did the Rangers say? Almost certainly the same thing everyone else know about the injury: Prescott needs to rest the muscle to allow the strain to heal.

That can happen shortly. Prescott will not be throwing this weekend as the Los Angeles Rams are here in Oxnard for a Saturday dual practice, and the original plan to have him play in the preseason game on Aug. 13 at Arizona might be altered, too.

But there is no suggestion that the Pro Bowl QB, who rehabbed successfully all year from a 2020 Week 5 season-ending ankle surgery, is in danger of missing the Sept. 9 regular-season opener at Tampa Bay.

“Now it’s just about getting the shoulder (injury) behind me,” Prescott said on FOX. “We’re just being cautious. We’re taking it day-by-day. Obviously it’s five weeks before the season opener, so I’ve got a lot of time.”

Added coach Mike McCarthy: “I think this is something we’ve kind of taken a step back. We still feel the same about the type of injury, but we’re just being more conservative with the timeline. ... After the research and looking at it, we just don’t want this to turn into something big.''

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