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Ex-Dodgers Veteran Could Be Much-Needed Depth Piece For Red Sox

Boston's rotation still has some serious question marks with Opening Day approaching

The Boston Red Sox are in a tough spot. 

Boston's starting rotation depth already has taken a massive hit with All-Star pitcher Lucas Giolito going down with an elbow injury. The veteran is expected to undergo surgery Tuesday and it's unclear how long he will be out for. 

The Red Sox have been linked to seemingly every starter still available but Opening Day is right around the corner and the club still hasn't made another addition. At this point, it seems extremely unlikely that the club will make a large investment in someone like Jordan Montgomery or Blake Snell.

There still are other options out there that could make sense for the Red Sox, but the club is in a weird spot and it's unclear if they will make any more investment. 

If they decide to make another addition, there are players that could be had on a cheap deal. One player that would make a lot of sense is veteran fireballer Noah Syndergaard. 

The eight-year big league veteran spent the 2023 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Guardians and struggled, but has been throwing for clubs and seems like a bounce-back candidate.

It seems like the Red Sox are willing to enter the 2024 season with the rotation seemingly how it is right now. But, more depth seems like a necessity. Syndergaard could easily be signed if they wanted to.

Boston could offer him a cheap, big-league contract and likely get a deal done. He could be the club's No. 5 starter with upside. The Red Sox's rotation still is the club's biggest weakness but someone like Syndergaard could at least help.

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