A Conversation With: Andy Masur

New White Sox radio play-by-play announcer, Andy Masur has been clear he's not looking to replace or become the next Ed Farmer. We talk about becoming the first Andy Masur, his days as a Top 40 radio host in Peoria, Bruce Springsteen, Luis Robert and so much more.
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Andy Masur will be entering his first season as the full time White Sox play-by-play announcer in one of the strangest (if not THE strangest) seasons baseball has ever seen. 

His broadcasting career started in Peoria, where he attended Bradley University, and shortly after graduation worked as a Top 40 D.J. 

I was curious what was on the Top 40 charts in 1990, and you better believe we talked about that. 

He's broadcasted games on both sides of town, as well as a stop in San Diego calling games for the Padres. 

After longtime White Sox play-by-play announcer Ed Farmer passed away earlier this year, the White Sox had a vacancy in their radio booth, and in June, Masur was hired as the new play-by-play announcer. 

Masur has been vocal against being called a replacement for his former colleague, but we talked about how he continues to develop his own broadcasting voice and perspective. 

I also found out that Masur is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and if you know anything about me, even from past interviews posted on this site, I can talk to a fellow Springsteen fan for hours (we nearly did).

Please sit back, and enjoy my conversation with the pride of Maine East High School, Andy Masur.