A Conversation With: Luis Robert

Sam Sherman

I'm probably not the first person to tell you, but Luis Robert is a true five-tool player. Lots of times you'll hear scouts or fans throw that phrase around a little too casually, but having all five tools is something you just rarely ever see in baseball.

I'm not sure you can convince me that there is a player in the major or minor leagues who owns more raw power than Robert does. If you can, I'd like to see them, and then you'd have to prove to me that they weren't created in a lab. Honestly, after watching Robert for the first of couple weeks of his young career, I'm not sure he wasn't the result of a group of scientists trying to create the perfect baseball player — or athlete. 

The most impressive thing about Luis Robert isn't even considered one of the five tools. From the first time I saw him on a major league field, his composure and comfort were apparent. 

You'll notice lots of rookie players come up and look overwhelmed, physically or emotionally. Meanwhile, Robert has looked like a seasoned veteran, and he just turned 23. 

In our conversation, we talked about when the White Sox first contacted him, and what he liked about the organization from the very beginning. He also told me why it seems like many Cuban players are comfortable as soon as they reach the majors. He gave me some music recommendations, and I gave him some culinary recommendations of my own. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with the pride of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, Luis Robert. 

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