Luis Robert: breakout White Sox player for 2020

Brett Ballantini

So, top Chicago White Sox sleeper, hmm ... who could it be?

To be fair, we recorded this SI national piece back in May, before there was any dream of a season — and before Luis Robert had asserted himself as essentially a can't-miss Rookie of the Year pick.

But still, sweet deep analysis, Ballantini.

A brief review of Robert's majesty, for those of you who are just coming back to baseball in time for Opening Day:

  • Hit a falling-down home run off of Carlos Rodón early in Summer Camp
  • Induced a HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cackle from Rodón when he next faced Robert, after inducing a pop-up to short right from the phenom.
  • Dubbed "the next Mike Trout" by fellow outfielder Eloy Jiménez.
  • Sprinted for a fly ball in short right field from center and was basically standing right behind right fielder Nomar Mazara when he caught the ball.
  • Murdered two baseballs in a single intrasquad game, denting the shrubbery in center field first, then coming within feet of landing on the concourse in left field with the second.
  • Knocked the cover off of the ball in three exhibition games. Most notably at Wrigley Field, taking a high strike call, snickering to himself and immediately plotting revenge, then crushing a two-strike pitch and denting the brick wall in center field with a double.
  • Caught everything on the field, as literally a line-to-line center fielders.
  • Caught everything on the field except, that is, for balls hit out of the park, as happened last night on a Ben Gamel home run. Robert caught the ball over the wall, but lost his glove trying to pull the ball back over the fence. Try to sharpen up that D, Luis.
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