From the Locker Room: Adam Engel's big blast holds up

Brett Ballantini

You may not be used to seeing an early 3-0 lead hold up for the South Siders, but this is a revamped ballclub, newly-fortified with 2018 first-rounder Nick Madrigal.

Madrigal led off postgame Zooms with an overall assessment of his play, and general comfort level with his first taste of the big leagues:

"It was great. Once I stepped on the field I felt comfortable, like I was meant to be there," he said. "Even in the batter’s box, I felt really good. I felt I was prepared once I stepped on the field, definitely."

Adam Engel had the big blow of the game, in the second inning. The right fielder, whose offensive game has stepped up in a big way starting in the last month of the 2019 season, was a smart study of the rookie on the mound — even from the dugout:

"Watching the game from the dugout, you could tell Bubic was really working his changeup really well," Engel said. "So I knew at some point I'd get a changeup."

A changeup he got — twice. He swung through the first, then took one that Bubic left up and drove it deep.

Ricky Renteria was pretty pleased with his team's all-around effort, as you might expect in a win. The manager saw no jitters from his rookie second-sacker:

"Nick is going to be in the lineup every day," Renteria said. "He looked pretty calm and under control, no nerves."

Finally, post-start treatment finally completed, the 2-0 Dallas Keuchel stopped by to wind up the postgame. He knows the bullpen really delivered that second win to him, with 3 ⅔ innings of scoreless ball:

"The bullpen never gets any credit, but they get the blame for everything [in a loss]," Keuchel smiled. "They’ve done a great job with what they’ve been dealt. Every man is coming out and doing what they need to do."

Room service steaks for the pen on Kid Keuchy tonight.

Watch Keuchel's postgame session above. All videos are courtesy of our pals at the Chicago White Sox.