From the Locker Room: Tim Anderson strikes ... twice

Brett Ballantini

Tim Anderson pulled off a rare double play on Saturday — starring on the field with two home runs, and entertaining broadcast listeners with his in-game banter, being interviewed on the field as pitches were being thrown.

That had to be a little distracting, no?

"No, it wasn’t," Anderson smiled postgame. "On defense, it was fun. I’m usually talking to the guys anyway. It was definitely good to talk to [broadcast color analyst] AJ."

Among many highlights, the White Sox went back-to-back-to-back with home runs (Anderson, Yasmani Grandal, José Abreu) for the second time this season, and hit five long balls for the fifth time in 52 games.

"From top to bottom we’re dangerous," Anderson acknowledged. "When we’re clicking at all angles, we’re tough to beat." And as for the three straight clouts: "It's definitely dope, says a lot about our lineup."

Before the back-to-back-to-back, Anderson hit a homer for the second run of the game, off of Reds ace Trevor Bauer.

"I was so happy to finally get him," Anderson smiled. "I had to let him know, walking it, holding the bat."

(In Bauer's postgame, the pitcher jokingly called Anderson "soft" for not bat-flipping his home run, so drop that into your memory back, Tim.)

Funnily enough, Anderson just a week or so ago differentiated himself from his other slugging teammates, saying they have a lot more power than he does. For the record, Tim is fourth on the club in homers with 10, having missed 20% of the teams games.

"It’s possible," Anderson said of his power. "You’ve seen it. It's not exactly what I’m looking to do, but I can leave the ballpark every now and then."


Tim Anderson video courtesy of the Chicago White Sox.

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