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Luis Robert reacts to his first home run (and walk)

The White Sox super rookie clocked a moon shot to center on Sunday

So there was pretty much one fun thing that happened during Sunday's annihilation at the hands of the Minnesota Twins, 14-2.

It came in the "2" part, two runs driven in by Luis Robert, courtesy of a 419-foot homer to center — the superrookie's first major league homer.

"I’m happy with my first home run in the league," Robert said postgame. "As soon as I hit the ball, I knew I made solid contact. It’s a relief, and I feel good."

Throughout the session, Robert would smile or even smirk as he listened to White Sox Spanish interpreter Billy Russo run through our questions. There was a definite sense of Robert realizing that none of us knows what we are in for, watching him.

Not to kill the buzz, but Robert was also asked about the first inning grand slam where left fielder Eloy Jiménez was injured.

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"I didn’t seem him crash into the wall," Robert said. "When I got to where he was and asked how he was feeling, 'Not good.' I was screaming JUMP JUMP when he was crashing into the wall."

I couldn't resist asking Luis about another first this game — his first major league walk. After all, for a guy who seems himself hitting second in the order, he may have to learn a bit of patience.

The response actually got the widest smile of the session.

"It isn’t easy for me to take walks," Robert grinned. "I’m an aggressive hitter, and I want to swing. But you have to recognize how the pitchers are attacking you, and react to it."

For the rest of Robert's postgame session, courtesy of the White Sox, watch below: