First two positive tests cloud Summer Camp

Brett Ballantini

Although the proceedings always have a soft dirge deep, deep in the background, today's early talk with manager Ricky Renteria and first baseman José Abreu were the first that brought COVID-19 as a threat, front and center.

This plopped itself into today's media session:

Abreu was not even aware of the positive tests. Later, Renteria said making players being aware of positive tests wasn't necessary, as that knowledge wasn't in their "purview." And quickly, the manager clarified remarks to make it clear all he meant was that these positives came during player intake — neither of the two positive players were in the White Sox facility or participating in workouts at Sox Park.

Renteria also demurred when it comes to naming the players who are out and quarantined, feeling that media and fans "can do the math."

But in the end, Renteria seized on the setback (expected or not) of positive coronavirus tests among the White Sox to reiterate his sense of personal responsibility:

"You see me with a mask on now," he said. "I do not take it lightly. We wash our hands a lot. When I get home, we put my clothes in the washing machine. I take it seriously. This is not something to be taken lightly. I take it as a responsibility to take care of my fellow man. 

"Just because you have the right to yell FIRE in a crowded restaurant doesn't make it right. I do right by my fellow man. Do right by each other."

There was actual baseball talk from Renteria as well, most notably the report that Carlos Rodón is in line for a rotation spot, as his Tommy John surgery rehab was "going very, very well."

Here is José Abreu's full media session, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox:

And Ricky Renteria's full, masked session today, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox: 

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This is going to go all shitshow awfully quickly

Phil Hundley
Phil Hundley


Were I more cynical and ghoulish sort, I'd wonder what the over/under is for dead MLBers come November.

Mark Liptak
Mark Liptak


I saw the tweet that listed the pitchers for the intersquad games. No Gio Gonzales...hmmmm. No Gio, no Kopech. Nice...(sarcasm implied) But LET'S PLAY BALL!... Idiots.