Nomar Mazara is looking for damage

Brett Ballantini

If we all could have the same experience as Nomar Mazara did his first days on the job as the new Chicago White Sox right fielder.

"Since the first day I got here, seeing all these guys, all the talent, I’m like OH MY GOD." he smiles. "We've got a good mix, veteran and young. I’m always with Eloy and Robert in the same group, and I’ve never seen talent like that. I’m impressed."

Of course, in order to stay in the new job, you have to keep up with all that talent. And indeed, Mazara — still just 25 years old — is doing his part, whether it's asking first-base coach Daryl Boston for tougher fly ball fungoes or perfecting his already-prodigious swing.

"I'm pretty confident. I trust in what we’re doing. I have it in me," Mazara says. "I’ve been working my ass off to take the next step. Me and [hitting coach] Frankie [Menechino] we’re talking every day."

As for expectations, Mazara tries to stay within himself and recognize there's a reason he made his MLB debut at age 20.

"There's a ton of room for me to grow. I’m 25, four years in the majors, [consistent production] over and over," he says. "People are always going to want more. If I hit 30 home runs next year, they’re gonna want more. That’s how it’s going to be."

Best of all, Mazara was putting up solid slugging numbers in Texas, when he was still struggling with the little things. Like hitting through a shift instead of ... over it."

"I’m looking to do damage every time," Mazara says. "Instead of a hit, I’m looking for a double or a homer. I'm not worried about beating the shift. Now I’m looking for damage every time."

For the full Mazara media session, watch below, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox: