76ers' Joel Embiid Quotes 'Last Dance' After Shake Milton Shot

Justin Grasso

When the basketball season was suspended back in March, there wasn't much for players, coaches, and fans to look forward to. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic was here to stay for a while, it was unclear if and when the season could resume. In order to hold fans over during the downtime, ESPN sped up the process of a Michael Jordan centric documentary titled 'The Last Dance.' 

Many members of the Philadelphia 76ers, including Joel Embiid, were tuned into the documentary. "[The Last Dance] was interesting," Embiid said back in June. "I saw a lot of similarities and a lot of people have told me that. I can also be that guy, I just need to keep putting in the work, and that's what I've been doing."

After seeing what Embiid did during the season's restart against the Pacers, it seemed the big man picked something up from Jordan's leadership style. As the Sixers' center got into a heated exchange with Shake Milton at the end of the first quarter against the Pacers, many joked that Embiid must've learned a thing or two from Jordan.

Then after Monday night's game against San Antonio when Milton drained the game-winning three for Philly, Embiid took to social media to once again quote Jordan's documentary. Except for this time, Embiid was doing it in favor of Milton.

"Shake came up to me before the game and said, "IT BECAME PERSONAL FOR ME" just like MJ lmao!! Nice shot young fella #TheProcess."

This past Saturday night, Milton and the Sixers debuted a brand new starting lineup, which featured Milton as the team's point guard. In 19 minutes of action, Milton got up just one shot and failed to collect a single point. On Monday night, however, he bounced back.  In 25 minutes of playing time, Milton got up nine shots. In total, he collected 16 points, with three of them coming from the game-winning three.

Afterward, Embiid joked as if Milton used their argument from the last game as motivation to want to do better against the Spurs. And Milton found it entertaining as he responded to Embiid by saying, "let's get this chip!" It seems all is well again in the Philadelphia 76ers' locker room.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_