Analyzing Sixers' Josh Richardson Trade for Seth Curry

Did the Sixers win by trading Josh Richardson to the Mavericks for Seth Curry?

Daryl Morey's first major offseason event as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers front office surely didn't disappoint. 

Hours before the 2020 NBA Draft begun, the Sixers packaged Al Horford among other pieces in a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder to acquire veteran guards Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson.

The action didn't stop there. Shortly after the first round of the draft wrapped up and the 76ers selected Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey, Morey made his second trade of the night by sending Josh Richardson and a second-round pick to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the veteran shooting guard, Seth Curry.

Breaking Down the Deal

Trading Josh Richardson

Just last summer, the Sixers acquired Josh Richardson through a sign and trade with the Miami Heat. Considering the 76ers were sending Jimmy Butler down to South Beach in the deal, the expectations were high for Richardson coming in.

Unfortunately, Richardson didn't exactly fit the scheme in Philly. Defensively, Richardson was right for the job, but the 76ers were desperate for persistent shooters and consistent scorers. In Philly, Richardson averaged three fewer points-per-game compared to 2018-2019 and shot just 34-percent from three. 

From a leadership standpoint, Richardson was one of the few players last season that wasn't afraid to speak up. When things were going South behind the scenes at times, the former Miami Heat guard wasn't willing to remain silent. Philly will miss his willingness to step up as a vocal leader, but he wasn't the right basketball fit for this roster. Richardson remains a solid player -- but he's better off elsewhere.

Sending the Rights for Tyler Bey

The Junior guard out of Colorado became the No. 36 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Next season, he'll play for the Mavs as the Sixers sent the pick along with Richardson to Dallas. Since the Sixers came out of the draft with three new rookies, losing the rights to Bey won't hurt much. After all, draft picks are always gambles. Pick 36 may or may not pan out in the NBA. Either way, it won't concern the 76ers.

Acquiring Seth Curry

As his superstar brother said to the Sixers' Twitter account: "Y'all got a good one!"

Seth Curry might not have the MVP skillset that his older brother has, but he possesses the key skill the Sixers need; Draining three-pointers. Curry bounced around from Memphis to Cleveland, Phoenix, Sacramento, Portland, and Dallas in six NBA seasons.

Now, he'll come to Philadelphia averaging 44-percent from three in his career. Although the Sixers lost a starter in Richardson and will likely have Curry come off the bench, the value is still right for Philly.

Last season, the Sixers were desperate for floor spacers. Whenever any Curry is on the court, they're a threat from deep. Not only do the 76ers get a better three-point shooter with Seth Curry, but they also get a player on a more team-friendly contract.

This year, Josh Richardson is owed over $10 million. Next season, he has the opportunity to opt-out and become a free agent. 

Meanwhile, Curry will cost the Sixers $7.8 million this year and is signed through the next two seasons for under $9 million. Like the trade for Danny Green, the Sixers got a cheaper player in return, who fits the team's scheme much better. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_