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As MLB Struggles, 76ers' Brett Brown has Zero Worries About NBA's Bubble

Major League Baseball decided to finally start its season last week. Unlike the NBA, though, the MLB decided not to go through with a bubble-like environment. Not even more than five games into the season's start, there's been a COVID-19 outbreak, which occurred before the Miami Marlins versus Philadelphia Phillies matchup on Sunday.

One would think a COVID-19 outbreak in the MLB would worry some of the members down in the NBA's bubble in Orlando, Florida, but Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown doesn't fall under that category. When asked about how the bubble's been so far, Brown once again raved about the NBA's preparation and execution to keep the season's restart running as smoothly and as safely as possible.

"It's hard for me not to be repetitive when I'm asked [about the NBA's bubble]," Brown said before Monday's practice. "I think what the NBA has done [creating] the environment that we're all in is spectacularly brilliant. I think it's elite, and I personally have zero complaints about anything that might prohibit us from doing our job. We have the resources, and we have the environment. I think that it's an incredibly unique opportunity, and I think the NBA and Adam Silver deserve a lot of credit."

The NBA's bubble environment didn't exactly receive rave reviews when players first arrived a few weeks ago. As time went on, though, it seems players and coaches are coming around -- and overall -- the NBA's standard protocol seems easy and comforting in a way as there's yet to be any severe setbacks pertaining to broken rules or cases of the virus within the bubble.

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"Every day I go through with my wristband and every day I take my temperature and do my oxygen test," Brown explained further. "It immediately goes to a Bluetooth device on my phone that lets me in places. Every day I am tested with mouth and nasal swabs. So you just can't create a better environment. One of safety, one of efficiency, one of professionalism is what we have experienced. I can't imagine this not having a chance to be a blueprint to many things [in the future]. I give a complete thumbs up to Adam Silver and the NBA. I'm proud to be here, and I feel safe being here."

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_