Glenn Robinson III Has Free Agency on His Mind During NBA Suspension

Justin Grasso

Glenn Robinson III didn't seem too thrilled to be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers a couple of months ago. As he was having himself a career-year with the Golden State Warriors, the 26-year-old veteran was looking forward to potentially picking up a multi-year deal with the Warriors, where he was feeling comfortable.

Unfortunately for Robinson, the Warriors' 2020 struggles led them to become sellers at the trade deadline. And since Robinson was on a contract year, he became the perfect candidate to ship off to a contender in exchange for future assets. Knowing he was going to a playoff-contending team, Robinson was unsure if he would have the ability to keep his career-year going in the same direction as it did when he was in Golden State. 

Before the NBA's season suspended, Robinson managed to play in 12 total games with the Sixers. As expected, his numbers took a dip. He went from playing over 30 minutes-per-game, to seeing 18 minutes in Philly. Robinson's impressive 40-percent shooting from deep went down to 28-percent with the Sixers. And lastly, his career-high average of 12 points-per-game in nearly 50 matchups with the Warriors dropped down to just seven points while with the Sixers.

It was a slow start for Robinson indeed, but the Sixers' new veteran admitted he was just starting to get comfortable right before the NBA shut down. “I think that my last couple of games with the Sixers went pretty well in terms of just myself adjusting to the team,” Robinson told Ky Carlin, of the Sixers Wire. 

During the five games the Sixers played in March, Robinson averaged nearly ten points-per-game while shooting an impressive 50-percent from three. It was apparent Robinson was finally starting to find his fit with the team, but the NBA's suspension put any further progress on hold. Now with the uncertainty of the 2020 season resuming, Robinson is hopeful he did enough to earn what he's looking for in Free Agency.

What're the chances of GRIII returning to Philly in 2020-2021? It's hard to say -- but one thing is for sure -- he seems pretty adamant on testing the market. Back in March, while the Sixers were visiting Robinson's former team, the Warriors, the veteran was honest about not having any clue as to what the future holds for him.

Robinson wouldn't rule out a return to Philly, but he didn't rule out a return to Golden State either. "I may just explore all options possible," Robinson said early on last month. This month, Robinson is staying consistent. "I think up to this point, I’ve tried to prove myself, and now if the season does continue, it’s about doing the same things and try to remain as consistent as possible and just give myself the best chance I can in this upcoming free agency.”

While he doesn't have the opportunity to prove his worth any further at the moment, Robinson did mention he's once again looking forward to free agency, whenever the offseason takes place in 2020. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_

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I'd like to see Warriors re-sign Robinson, he played so well for the Warriors before trade deadline. You could see he was jut perfect for for Kerr's system. I like Robinson's athletic ability, everybody does, but in his stint with Dubs he also showed he can be really consistent, a steady-eddy type of player. Re-signing Robinson should be one of GM Bobby Meyers' top priorities for next year, Warriors will need Robinson because they will be back in NBA finals!

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Justin Grasso
Justin Grasso


There’s a very good chance he’s back in Golden State next season. He didn’t want to leave, but it made sense for the Warriors to sell at the deadline.