Sixers Rookie Matisse Thybulle Makes Quarantine Predictions

Justin Grasso

For nearly a month, the NBA has been on hold. As multiple players around the league tested positive for COVID-19 after the league's suspension, many teams were ordered to quarantine by the NBA. Considering the Philadelphia 76ers were a team that played against a player who tested positive, their players were told to self-isolate during this time.

By now, the 14-day timeline is up. However, since the country is still in a bad state due to the coronavirus, NBA players are still not permitted to go work out at their practice facilities -- or anywhere other than home for that matter.

Therefore, the Sixers are still pretty much remaining in quarantine. Over the last few weeks, Sixers rookie Matisse Thybulle has kept himself entertained, as he became one of the most popular NBA players on the app, Tik Tok. Creating short story content has been Thybulle's way of staying sane during the quarantine.

Based on what we've seen, it's pretty evident that Thybulle is handling his quarantine well. Which other Sixers may be in good shape during this off time?

During a conversation with NBC Sports Philadelphia's Serena Winters, Thybulle was asked to predict which teammate of his is handling the NBA quarantine the best. To no surprise, Thybulle chose his right-hand man and mentor, Tobias Harris.

"Tobias [Harris] has probably read like 20 books by now," the rookie assumed. "He's probably a connoisseur of wine, and he's doing crazy workouts in his garage -- he's probably thriving. As much as he misses basketball, he's probably doing great."

 Do you think Tobias Harris misses basketball? The Sixers forward made it pretty obvious a couple of weeks ago when he spent a couple of mornings posting on Instagram, pretending as if the Sixers played a game the night before.

As Thybulle thought about who might be struggling the most during the quarantine, he remembered that his All-Star teammate Joel Embiid is probably doing a stellar job at home too. "Actually, I think Joel is probably doing okay in quarantine too, he's playing his video games," Thybulle said.

But who does he think is doing the worst? "I think Ben [Simmons] is probably struggling the most," Thybulle claimed. "I don't know. . . I don't think he's built a court at his house yet. I think he's been like -- I actually don't know. He's probably just killing people in Call of Duty probably."

Well, he's got that right for sure. Over the last couple of weeks or so, Simmons has been very active on his Twitch account streaming games for all to see. While he is an extremely hard worker, the All-Star guard is probably handling the quarantine just fine as he's able to spend a lot of his doing what is likely his favorite hobby.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_