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76ers GM Reveals Minimum Trade Package for James Harden

The Philadelphia 76ers need a 'very good' player back for James Harden
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Speaking during a recent radio segment, Philadelphia 76ers general manager Daryl Morey revealed what the team needs back in exchange for James Harden. While the 76ers want a "very good player" back for Harden, Morey said they at minimum need something they can turn into a very good player.

While it's both newsworthy and interesting to hear something like this come directly from Morey himself, it's also not surprising. The 76ers are not in a position to lose James Harden for a collection of expiring contracts that might not even crack their rotation. With the reigning league MVP on their roster, the 76ers need to ensure they remain in title contention after any Harden trade.

As previously mentioned, it makes sense why this is Philadelphia's current asking price, but it also doesn't mean that's what they can receive. With Harden drawing limited interest outside of the LA Clippers, a return typical for a star-level player doesn't seem to be on the table for the 76ers. This is also why the process is expected to drag out for a while, because Philadelphia is seeking an offer nobody is willing to present.

Prior to recent reports that Harden's relationship with Morey and the 76ers was unsalvageable, the possibility of the two sides mending things also existed. It seemed at one point that the 76ers hoped for that outcome, given the limited offers they had for their star point guard, but Morey also confirmed during that same radio segment that Harden still wants out of Philly.

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