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After months of waiting, the LA Clippers finally began their regular season. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go the way they wanted.

Within the opening minutes of the game, the Clippers found themselves down 19 points after Steph Curry had 25 points on 100% shooting. It was truly a spectacular performance for Curry, who ultimately ended up with: 45 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, on 64/61/100 shooting. Despite Curry's early hot shooting, the Clippers figured out a way to stay in the game.

"We're a tough team," Paul George said. "I knew my guys wouldn't fold. That's one of the toughest challenges for us, a team that plays that fast. They move the ball so well. It was a good test. Good test for game one. We know what we got do going forward playing these fast-paced teams."

The Clippers erased a 19 point deficit due to a magnificent second quarter by Paul George, and from that moment on, it was a thrilling back-and-forth. There were multiple opportunities for the Clippers to win the game, but the finish of the game was the definition of a make-or-miss league. Steph Curry hit two ridiculous shots in the final frame, and Eric Bledsoe missed a wide-open three. That, combined with the Clippers losing the non-Steph Curry minutes, sealed the game.

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"He's just the complete package offensively," Paul George said of Steph Curry. "He's mastered how to get free without dribbling the ball. He's just so elusive and quick."

Hot Topic of the Game

Paul George took 7 shots at the rim and didn't take a single free-throw. Meanwhile, Draymond Green took 3 shots at the rim and attempted 9 free-throws. Paul George was absolutely furious about the free-throw disparity.

“Draymond got 9 of them, so honestly, I don’t know what he did that I didn’t," George said of the free-throw disparity. "I drove the ball to the paint more, I took more contact going to the paint.”

Final Thoughts

It was a frustrating loss for the Clippers, but not one to be mad at. The Clippers showed in Game 1 of the season that they're going to be a team with a ton of resiliency, and can come back from any deficit. There's no such thing as moral victories, but Clipper fans can feel good about how their team performed against the Golden State Warriors.