The LA Clippers had five wide-open threes in the fourth quarter of Game 2, and they missed all of them. The greatest three-point shooting team in the league and one of the greatest in NBA history has continued to be unable to perform in the playoffs. They hope those fortunes will change in Game 3.

Ty Lue was happy with the shots that Clippers took during that scoreless three-minute stretch in the fourth quarter, and who wouldn't be, the team just simply couldn't make them when it mattered.

"Yes, I was happy," Ty Lue said. "I was very happy. Can't -- I mean, what else can you get? Four or five wide-open threes, you know, we just didn't make. So we knew Rudy was going to help. We knew our shooters was going to be open, and we just got to step up and make shots, and we don't. We just got good shots and we didn't make them, hopefully, next game, they go down."

The shooting woes have been absolutely perplexing to anyone watching the Clippers, and even the players themselves. It's almost like a repeat of history from both 2020 and 2015. Somehow, someway, the Clippers manage to get cold at the worst time possible. Reggie Jackson was at a loss for words about it.

"I wish I had the answer," Jackson said. "Honestly I wish I had the answer. You know, it's been tough. We've only had a few games where we've gotten hot the way that we're accustomed to, but that's what I like about life. It's the law of averages. About to get hot. Trust the work. Put up your shots, as long as they are shots that you work on every day, trust that they are going to go in and live and die by them. I'm pretty sure that's why everybody loves to say, we call it a make-or-miss league. You've got to trust your work and you have to go out here with all the confidence that you have, play the game, play it the right way, have fun and just compete and see where the chips fall at the end of the night."

The Clippers have no margin for error anymore as one more loss will put them down 3-0. Game 3 is on Saturday, and shots need to start falling in, or they'll fall out of the playoffs.