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Gregg Popovich Slams Chicago Bulls Fans for Booing Jerry Krause

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich compared the Krause booing to the Kawhi Leonard booing
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During the Chicago Bulls' Ring of Honor ceremony, former executive Jerry Krause was represented by his wife Thelma Krause, who had to hear boos directed at her husband from the home crowd. Visibly emotional, Thelma Krause was in tears as fans booed, which made for an awful and heartbreaking scene during what was supposed to be a time of celebration.

Many prominent figures around basketball have spoken up against the booing that occurred, including San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. Speaking with reporters prior to Saturday night's game against the Bulls, Popovich said, "I feel the same way about that as when Kawhi Leonard got booed here. It’s unnecessary. It’s impolite. It’s ignorant. If anything, it’s like a snapshot of the world we live in today. Meanness seems to be a lot more condoned."

In a game against the LA Clippers earlier this season, Popovich grabbed the public address microphone and told Spurs fans to stop booing Leonard. A Finals MVP for the Spurs in 2014, Leonard has been booed relentlessly by their home fans since leaving, which is something Popovich does not like.

Feeling the same way about the Krause booing as he did about the Leonard booing, Popovich called out the Bulls fans who participated in what was a heartbreaking scene on Friday night during the Ring of Honor ceremony.

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