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James Harden Opens Up About Playing for Clippers After Rough Few Years

LA Clippers star James Harden went through a lot to get to this point
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The LA Clippers have hit their stride after a rocky start to the James Harden era, and have been the best team in basketball for over a month. Following their latest win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Harden opened up about playing for the Clippers after a rough few years, and how much it means to just focus on basketball right now.

"I’ve been through so much these last few years to where it’s like a sigh of relief to just go out there and just hoop and have fun doing it," Harden said. "Everything else will take care of itself... I’m having fun hooping. I’m home having fun hooping… I’m in my safe space."

While Harden did not get into what has made the last few years so challenging, there were clearly a lot of things outside of his control that took place on both Brooklyn and Philadelphia. 

With the Nets, there was drama surrounding the Kyrie Irving situation, along with what seemed to be a disconnect between ownership and others within the organization. Harden also suffered an injury during the 2021 playoffs that impacted one of, if not his best chance to get a ring up until that point. The situation with the 76ers has of course been well documented, and all of this has led to Harden being thankful to just hoop now that he is with the Clippers. 

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