Kawhi Leonard Reveals Favorite Cheat Food: Mexican Taco Shop in SoCal

Kawhi Leonard revealed his favorite taco spot ever.
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Kawhi Leonard is one of the most enigmatic players in the NBA. He has no social media, he talks very little, and very few know very little about him. A little bit of that was unraveled tonight.

AllClippers asked Leonard what his favorite cheat meal was, and he gave a pretty detailed response.

"I mean it just depends, it doesn't matter if I win or lose a game," Leonard said. "Sometimes I won't eat fried chicken the whole week, or two weeks, it just depends on the day. I try to eat pretty clean. My favorite food is Mexican food. Whenever I have a cheat day or something, I'm trying to get something at a taco shop, majority in San Diego."

Leonard lives in San Diego and went to college in SDSU. His favorite taco shop happens to be a fan favorite among SDSU students - Kawhi never grew away from his roots.

Fans have actually seen Leonard at Trujillos before, and it sparked speculation on the internet about him joining an LA team during the 2019 off-season. 

While this might not be breaking sports news in any degree, it's very rare to get personal moments like this from Kawhi Leonard. He typically doesn't like answering these types of questions and doesn't like doing media in general. Whenever there's a chance to give a more human side to an NBA player, it's always worth letting fans know. Leonard seems to be an Aztec for life.