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The NBA world has been buzzing since reigning Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo unleashed a seemingly new and improved jump shot in a pre-season game against the Utah Jazz. Giannis, who is arguably already the league's most dominant player, has risen to this level of stardom without a reliable jump shot. According to his all-star teammate Khris Middleton, this could be changing.

When asked about Giannis and his improved jumper, Middleton said, "I think his shot has gotten better every year, and his confidence has grown. He's spent many hours this summer working on that aspect of his game, like he has every single year. Hopefully he'll be able to keep reading which way the defense is playing him, and be able to mix it up a little more." Middleton added that instead of insisting on putting his head down and getting to the rim, Giannis could start saying, "If you guys are gonna back up off me, I will shoot this and I can make it."

So far during the pre-season, Giannis has connected on four of his six attempts from deep, while also displaying several smooth mid-range jumpers. This is the same player who dropped 50 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 blocks to clinch the NBA Finals just a few months ago. If he has indeed improved this aspect of his game, it will be hard to bet against him and the Bucks this season.

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