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Patrick Beverley Reveals Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's Reaction to Being Traded For Paul George

Shai was upset when the LA Clippers traded him to the OKC Thunder
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As a rookie with the LA Clippers, it was clear that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was going to be special. While Doc Rivers took a while to finally start him, holding back some of the early potential, the blueprint for a future star was always there. This is something Patrick Beverley saw very early, and helped develop during that special 2018-19 season.

On a recent edition of his podcast, Beverley spoke on Gilgeous-Alexander, saying the young guard was upset when the Clippers traded him for Paul George. According to Beverley, Gilgeous-Alexander said, "You could've kept me - got Paul George."

While some have interpreted Beverley's story to mean that Gilgeous-Alexander thought the Clippers could have kept him and gotten Paul George, that doesn't seem to be what Beverley was saying. Beverley followed that story by saying how confident Gilgeous-Alexander had to be to say that, especially with just one year of NBA experience, seemingly indicating that Shai thought the Clippers should have kept him instead of dealing for George.

From the way Beverley told the story, and what we know about OKC's demands at that time, it sounds like Gilgeous-Alexander was upset the Clippers traded for Paul George rather than keeping him. Given the impossibility of acquiring George without including Gilgeous-Alexander, this is the only interpretation that really makes sense.

Now putting up MVP-level numbers with the OKC Thunder, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has proven to the world that he is exactly who he knew he was in 2019.

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