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The Clippers are on the verge of collapsing against the Dallas Mavericks, and all eyes are on their level of concern right now.

Paul George says there is no level of concern, but the team is very aware of their situation.

"I mean, there is none," George said. "It's a competition. We got to rise to the occasion. The fact of the matter is if we don't, we're done for. But it's no level of concern. We just got to play our game. We got to play through this. We got to incorporate our defense. Luka's going to get his touches. We just got to do a better job defensively of just quieting everybody else."

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Playing defense seems to be the biggest issue for the Clippers right now. Here's what the Clippers allowed the Mavericks to shoot in the first two games of the series:

Game 1: 50% (38/76) FG, 47% 3P (17/36)
Game 1: 58% (48/82) FG, 53% 3P (18/34)

If the Clippers want to have any shot of beating the Dallas Mavericks in Game 3, they're going to have to play defense - and Kawhi Leonard is aware of it.

"We got to get stops," Leonard said. "We have to get stops. You're not going to make every shot. It's the NBA. Those coaches and good players over there are going to make adjustments to get the ball out of the best players' hands or just make it harder for them. But we got to make shots. We got to make them miss shots, so we got to play defense. So shooting 58 percent, 52 from the three is just not going to cut it."

The Clippers face the Dallas Mavericks in Game 3 on Friday. It's a do-or-die situation for the team now.