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The NBA world mourns the loss of one of its greatest players today, as Bill Russell passed away peacefully at the age of 88.

Russell was arguably the greatest NBA player of all time and the greatest winner of all time, winning 11 NBA championships throughout his illustrious career. He was a famed civil rights activist, joining legendary icons like Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. NBA players around the world mourned the loss of a rarified figure like Russell.

Paul George expressed his condolences on his Instagram story, where he posted an iconic photo of Bill Russell smiling with his 11 championships. Reggie Jackson tweeted: "RIP Bill Russell #Legend".

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Nicolas Batum tweeted the same image that Paul George posted on his Instagram, but with the additional "RIP Legend" caption.

There are very few players in NBA history that carried themselves in the way Bill Russell did. He unconditionally gave advice to the younger generation, taught them how to be activists, and taught them how to be winners. Despite winning 11 championships, he always found a way to be humble in every interview, never interjecting himself when talking about the current state of the game. It was like watching the wise sage who was always willing to help - always smiling. It's hard to find anyone that's as good of an ambassador to the game of basketball as Bill Russell was.

There are certain iconic figures in human history that for some reason, people tend to think they'll live forever - Bill Russell was one of those people. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace.