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The Clippers do not shoot a lot of free throws. In fact, they're ranked 26th in the NBA and are .2% away from being ranked 29th. It doesn't seem to matter whether they shoot at the rim, they don't seem to get the calls. Paul George has had enough of it.

Paul George attempted 8 shots at the rim and only took three free throws against the Dallas Mavericks. Kawhi Leonard attempted 8 shots at the rim and only attempted four free throws. The low free throw attempts have become routine for both players this season, but many of those times it's because they rely heavily on jump shooting. Against the Dallas Mavericks, they made a focused effort to shoot at the rim but received very few calls.

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It's an unfortunate reality in the modern NBA. Referees typically don't reward players when they don't flop. It's a statement that former coach Jeff Van Gundy echoed during the Clippers vs Mavericks broadcast. As a result, players either flop or complain to the referees when they don't get a call. It's the league we're in now. When George tries to have a conversation with the referees about it, he says it's not helpful.

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