Paul George has been playing at a tremendous level this season with one goal in mind - an NBA championship.

Whoever brings a championship to the Clippers will be immortalized in a very special way - they'll be the first player to bring a championship to the franchise. For a player who's never won a championship like Paul George, it's an extra level of motivation.

If that wasn't enough motivation enough for George, there's a third layer to it. Paul George grew up in Southern California and a fan of both the Clippers and Kobe Bryant as a child. He's stated numerous times that he was a fan of the Clippers growing up, which gives another level of sentimental value if George ever does win the big one with the team.

Paul George will unfortunately only be evaluated based on what he does in the playoffs. He's playing tremendous basketball right now, averaging 32.8 points on 55% shooting in the last 7 games. Kawhi Leonard wasn't playing 4 of those games, and the Clippers still have a 6-1 record in that span thanks to George. It might not be the playoffs, but that's the type of play that will bring the championship that Paul George desires.