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Philadelphia 76ers Star Reveals Honest Feelings on James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers star Tyrese Maxey still has love for James Harden
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While James Harden had a complicated departure from the Philadelphia 76ers, everything suggests that the issues were solely between himself and management, not any of his former teammates. One 76ers player in particular has been especially open about his positive feelings towards Harden, and that's Tyrese Maxey

Speaking with Kelly Iko of The Athletic, Maxey said of Harden, "He taught me a lot. I appreciate him for it. I still talk to him to this day, he still critiques the stuff that I do. All I can do is say thank you to him and I appreciate him."

Harden and Maxey had a close relationship, with Harden taking the young guard under his wing while in Philadelphia. Now a certified star, Maxey credits Harden with a lot of his development, and says the two still keep in contact despite being on different teams.

As previously mentioned, Harden's issue with the 76ers was with management, not any of his teammates. This has been clear for a while, and has become more clear each time one of his former teammates speaks about him. 

For the LA Clippers, they are benefitting from Harden's presence on a nightly basis. The team is 20-4 in their last 24 games, and has the best record in basketball since December 1st. Harden is a big reason for that, and has been playing great.

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