As the NBA off-season begins, so do hypothetical trades from across the NBA world. One of the latest proposals for the LA Clippers came from Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley.

Buckley suggests that the Clippers trade Ivica Zubac & Luke Kennard for DeMar DeRozan in a sign-and-trade. 

In Buckley's suggestion, he states that the Clippers could use one more shot creator. This may be certainly true for the team, especially without Kawhi Leonard for an extended period of time, but it's tough to say if DeMar DeRozan is that creator.

This trade definitely leans in favor of the Clippers, but the pieces involved are more questionable. The Clippers lost Serge Ibaka for most of last season due to nerve damage, and Ivica Zubac is the only starting center they truly have right now. If the team were to give a valuable piece like him up, it would have to be for not only a shot creator, but a fierce downhill presence. DeRozan is a solid scorer, averaging 21.6 PPG on 49% shooting, but he can't shoot the three-ball well (25%). Spreading the floor is incredibly pivotal to the Clippers' success, and it's hard to say DeRozan would be a good fit in that regard. Their entire offense relies on good three-point shooting.

Trading a quality player like Ivica Zubac would require acquiring a downhill shot creator that is also a capable shooter. While DeMar DeRozan is enticing, it's something the Clippers may want to turn down. They have to be incredibly careful with whatever move they make given the incredibly tight and critical situation they're in.