Blake Griffin was bought out by the Detroit Pistons today, and every contender is interested. 

Among those contenders that are interested, are the LA Clippers. According to Marc Stein, Shams Charania, and various other sources, the teams interested are the: Lakers, Clippers, Heat, Nets, Warriors, Celtics, and Blazers.

A return home to the Clippers would certainly be the most emotional option. Griffin left the team on very combustible terms as the team unexpectedly traded him to the Detroit Pistons for Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Avery Bradley, and picks. At one point, Steve Ballmer reached out to shake Griffin's hand during a game, and it resulted in an incredibly awkward encounter. 

Unfortunately for the Clippers, they're one of the only teams that can't sign Griffin right now because of the hard cap. The Clippers would have to trade someone on the team in order to acquire Blake Griffin.

It's hard to tell whether Blake Griffin would be able to rejuvenate his career like Nicolas Batum did, or if his body is just completely done. Griffin's game has heavily relied on athleticism and his numbers are all at a career low this season. Here is what Blake is putting up right now: 12.3 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 3.9 APG, on 36/31/71 shooting. He isn't lacking on minutes either, Griffin is still putting up 31 minutes a game.

At this point in his career, one could make the argument that Blake Griffin might become more efficient off the bench. Regardless, most Clipper fans would love to have him back. Blake Griffin holds a very special place in Clipper fans' hearts because of the fact that he put the franchise on the map. Without him, the team wouldn't be what it is today.