A new report is making NBA headlines today, one stating that Nerlens Noel is suing his agent Rich Paul for a plethora of malpractices. One of those malpractices seems to include Rich Paul not getting in contact with the Clippers when they were reaching out for Noel. Here is the exact excerpt from the article:

"Noel says that he later learned that representatives from the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers wanted to discuss opportunities with Paul, but that they could not make contact," Darren Heitner wrote. "Leon Rose (who was formerly an agent at Creative Artists Agency but then the President of the New York Knicks) reached out about a deal and Noel ultimately signed a 1-year contract for $5 million."

The article goes into detail about some of the various issues Noel has with Paul, claiming that he cost him $58 million in lost earnings. When it comes pertaining to the Clippers though, that is the only excerpt talking about the franchise. Noel on the Clippers would have been a very solid backup for the team, especially when Serge Ibaka was injured for an entire season. It's seemed like Noel has been underpaid for the majority of his career, and it's clear that Noel feels that way himself. It will be very interesting to see if his lawsuit leads to the damages he's looking for. 

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