The NBA season is about two months away, so naturally, the betting odds are beginning to appear. has already created the betting odds for MVP, and Luka Doncic is at the top of that list.

Paul George has 33/1 odds of winning the MVP, but more surprisingly is that Kawhi Leonard has 50/1 odds of winning it. To put that into perspective, Kawhi Leonard has a higher chance of winning MVP, than Jimmy Butler does on the Miami Heat - there still isn't any indication of whether Kawhi Leonard will return this season.

What lies ahead for Paul George may be one of the toughest seasons in his career. He will be the primary option for the LA Clippers throughout the majority of the season, and possibly the entire season. He'll be expected to see a plethora of double teams, and hopefully, he can remain healthy throughout the year. If Paul George can somehow keep the Clippers to the fifth seed, he will certainly finish as a top 5 MVP candidate this season, with odds much higher than 33/1.

The LA Clippers open their season against the Golden State Warriors on October 21 at 10:00pm EST. They won't be playing a Christmas game for the first time since acquiring Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George will certainly have a chip on his shoulder this season.

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