The LA Clippers have been struggling, but NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal isn't too worried.

The shorthanded Clippers lost against the Boston Celtics yesterday and Shaq didn't have too much concern about the situation when addressing it on "NBA on TNT".

Shaq has flip-flopped around a bit when it comes to the Clippers this season. Just two months ago he dismissed them as threats to the Lakers. However, after what happened last season, it's understandable why all top analysts would dismiss them again this season; nearly every single analyst, current player, and media outlet picked the LA Clippers to win the championship last season. 

The Clippers are currently struggling quite a bit, losing three of their last four games, and on a two-game losing streak. However, while some of those struggles are coming with an inability to execute in the clutch, some of it comes with a lack of health. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have only played in 27 out of 37 games together, which sounds like a story all too familiar to last year. 

For what it's worth, the Lakers are also going through the same struggles of being unable to stay healthy. The Western Conference standings have largely been impacted by health, with the two healthiest teams being the top two teams in the conference: Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns. 

The Clippers desperately need a win against the Washington Wizards, and Paul George himself called it a "must-win." That one final game before the All-Star break is on Thursday.