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Patrick Beverley is one of the most impactful players in LA Clippers franchise history, but for at least this season, he is their hallway rival. Being traded from the Utah Jazz to the Los Angeles Lakers, Beverley is joining Lebron James and Anthony Davis across the hall from his former team.

Clippers guard Terance Mann has been outspoken in the past about what Beverley means to him, crediting the veteran guard with some of the defensive growth Mann has experienced in his young career. When asked before Tuesday's practice about his reaction to Beverley joining the Lakers, Mann said, "I was shocked, but it makes sense for him, to get out of the situation he was at. I'm happy for him."

Mann said that a little bit of trash talk has already begun between him and Beverley, but added that the two players usually stay away from basketball when they catch up, and talk more about family and life off the court.

While he may be on the other side now, Beverley made his mark on the Clippers, and some of that can still be seen in players like Terance Mann. Being who he is, which is one of the best competitors in basketball, Beverley will certainly be no friend of the Clippers when he faces them this season; however, off the court, him and Terance Mann have maintained a great relationship.

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