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With his return to the court now presumably less than one month away, LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is taking a brief vacation from his offseason training. Spotted at New York Fashion Week, Leonard is enjoying some time on the East Coast for fashion and the US Open.

Not long after he was spotted attending a fashion show, Leonard was seen at the US Open taking in some tennis action. 

The star forward has been working hard all summer to rehab his ACL injury, and all reports indicate that he has made incredible progress. Should he participate in pre-season action, which is the current expectation, Leonard's return to competitive basketball would be less than one month away.

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The Clippers begin their pre-season at the end of September, shortly after their training camp concludes. Their regular season begins shortly after, as the team opens up against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 20th. There is an understandable level of excitement surrounding the return of Kawhi Leonard, as the star forward missed all of last season with his ACL injury.

For now, after weeks of consistent training and rehab, Leonard is taking some time to enjoy the last part of summer. It is alway fun getting a look into Kawhi's life, as he does not share any of it himself. Sporting a San Diego padres hat, Leonard is taking on New York this week for some fashion and tennis.

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