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The Weekend Watch: Three Under the Radar Games to Scout

March is officially here. That means we're closing out the collegiate regular season as conference tournaments begin and tickets are punched to the big dance. What under the radar games to scout are on tap for the last weekend of the regular season?
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The last Weekend Watch of the regular season features a game from the ACC, Ivy League and the American. Let’s get you ready to scout Clemson-Wake Forest, Princeton-Pennsylvania and SMU-UAB.

Clemson vs. Wake Forest (Saturday, 6:00 pm ET)

Top Prospects: 

PJ Hall | Big | 6’10 | 238 pounds | Senior | Clemson

’23-’24 Stats: 18.8ppg | 7rpg (1.8 off) | 1.5apg | 32% 3P (4.7 3PA) | 2.4 stocks per game | 30 G

Hunter Sallis | Guard | 6’5 | 185 pounds | Junior | Wake Forest

’23-’24 Stats: 18.2ppg | 4.1rpg | 2.5apg | 41% 3P (5.3 3PA) | 1.5 stocks per game | 30 G

Clemson’s PJ Hall and Wake Forest’s Hunter Sallis are two top 50-prospects that are having All-ACC First Team caliber years. Despite his 3-point shooting take a dip from last season’s career best mark of 39% (83 total attempts), Hall should continue to garner interest as a backup big with a NBA ready body that can stretch the floor, hit shots on multiple levels and provides defensive playmaking.

In his first season at Wake Forest after spending his initial two seasons at Gonzaga, Sallis has found the perfect place for him and is thriving in a featured role. He’s looked every bit of the McDonald’s All-American that evaluators expected and has regained his confidence as he’s guiding Wake Forest to a potential NCAA tournament berth. Sallis’ confident multi-level scoring and 3-point shooting alongside functional athleticism and plus length could generate first round interest, especially if he proves to be a high-level shooter during the pre-draft process.

Other Clemson Prospects to Watch: Joe Girard III (Guard, Graduate Student), Chase Hunter (Guard, Senior), Ian Schieffelin (Big, Junior)

Other Wake Forest Prospects to Watch: Cameron Hildreth (Guard, Junior), Kevin Miller (Guard, Redshirt Sophomore). Andrew Carr (Big, Senior), Efton Reid III (Big, Junior)

Princeton vs. Pennsylvania (Saturday, 6:00 pm ET)

Top Prospects: 

Xaivian Lee | Guard | 6’3 | 171 pounds | Sophomore | Princeton

’23-’24 Stats: 17.9ppg | 5.8rpg | 3.7apg | 34% 3P (5.5 3PA) | 1.4 stocks per game | 26 G

Tyler Perkins | Guard | 6’4 | 205 pounds | Freshman | Pennsylvania

’23-’24 Stats: 13.6ppg | 5.3rpg (1.6 off) | 1.9apg | 35% 3P (5.3 3PA) | 1.5 stocks per game | 28 G

The Ivy League continues to showcase NBA level talent and this matchup features two of the Ivy League’s top prospects in Lee and Perkins. Lee, a skilled shot making guard with the ability to play on and off the ball, is producing an Ivy League Player of the Year campaign amidst his breakout sophomore year. Perkins is a long-term NBA prospect with a projectable NBA frame, scoring versatility and two-way upside thanks to his length and strength.

Other Princeton Prospects to Watch: Caden Pierce (Wing/Big, Sophomore), Matt Allocco (Guard, Senior)

Other Penn Prospects to Watch: Clark Slajchert (Guard, Senior), Sam Brown (Guard, Freshman), Nick Spinoso (Big, Junior)

SMU vs. UAB (Sunday, 3:00 pm ET)

Top Prospects: 

Eric Gaines | Guard | 6’2 | 185 pounds | Junior | UAB

’23-’24 Stats: 11.6ppg | 3.8rpg | 5.5apg | 25% 3P (4.0 3PA) | 2.6 stocks per game | 30 G

Yaxel Lendeborg | Big | 6’9 | 230 pounds | Junior | UAB

’23-’24 Stats: 13.8ppg | 10.3rpg | 2.1apg | 35% 3P (31 total attempts) | 2.7 stocks per game | 30 G

Zhuric Phelps | Guard | 6’5 | 195 pounds | Junior | SMU

’23-’24 Stats: 14.7ppg | 4.1rpg (1.3 off) | 2.7apg | 21% 3P (4.1 3PA) | 2.3 stocks per game | 30 G

Gaines and Phelps are respectively crafting another productive season as established NBA prospects. Gaines’ outlier quick-twitch athleticism paired with plus speed are the foundation of his game, which fuels his shot making, rim finishing and defensive playmaking.

Phelps, like Gaines, thrives as a shot maker and disruptive defender. Both have a crucial swing skill, 3-point shooting, that will decide their draft stock.

While Gaines and Phelps have been on the draft radar longer, Lendeborg, a three-year JUCO transfer from Arizona Western College, has a case as the best NBA bet because of his blend of size, skill, athleticism and shooting upside. He has the ingredients of a riser during the pre-draft process, but likely ultimately will return to UAB for his senior season alongside Gaines.

Other SMU Prospects to Watch: Samuell Williamson (Wing, Graduate Student), Chuck Harris (Guard, Senior), Tyreek Smith (Senior, Big)

Other UAB Prospects to Watch: Alejandro Vasquez (Guard, Junior), Efrem Johnson (Guard, Sophomore), Javian Davis (Big, Senior)

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