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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Chattanooga's Sam Alexis

Scouting Report: Sam Alexis

Sam Alexis

Forward | Chattanooga

Height: 6'9” | Weight: 230 lbs

2024 Draft Age: 

Sam Alexis

Prospect Profile

After being a bench piece in his first season at Chattanooga, Alexis has emerged as a key starter in his second college campaign. He has good size at 6-foot-9, but is also equipped with a solid frame. From that standpoint, he’s NBA ready.

What’s most impressive about Alexis is his efficiency inside the arc. He takes quality shots and scores the ball very effectively near the rim. With that in mind, his jumper does need some work if he’s going to really round out his offensive game. He was solid as a freshman from beyond the arc on very limited attempts, but his ability to convert has fallen off with an increase in volume as a sophomore. 

While there’s reason to believe he can get his shooting consistency back from the perimeter like it was his freshman season, it’s worth noting the Chattanooga forward is a very poor free throw shooter.

Outside of simply scoring the ball, Alexis is a solid connector for his size. On any given night, he has the passing upside to lead his team in assists. He is also an excellent rebounder and a consistent double-double threat because of that.

Defensively, Alexis has become a really impactful shot blocker. His ability to protect the rim has been a positive development as it relates to his defensive upside this season, with reason for optimism on that end overall moving forward.

A late bloomer, Alexis played JV as a junior in high school, then really broke out from both a skillset and body standpoint. He’s now a forward with ideal size and a set of tools that could be very useful at the NBA level. 


Draft Projection

Potential Second-Round Pick in 2024 NBA Draft.

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